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Arts Programs
Every artist has a voice. Alchemia supports artists who have intellectual and developmental disabilities to share their unique artistic voices.
Each of our art and life skills courses is designed to enhance the independence and personal empowerment of each individual participant. We are proud to provide the very best selection of classes in the arts, community engagement, and personal discovery!
Are you interested in joining our
Alchemia Staff or team of Artists?
Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program raises the bar for creative thinkers, dreamers, and makers. Our art courses are taught by professional artists, who bring with them the very same passion, imagination, inventiveness, and joy that allows them to excel in their own creative work. Our art courses cater to a variety of needs, levels of experience, and preferred interests. Artists may attend workshops in painting, fiber and textile arts, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry and more!

Alchemia artists have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work in our downtown galleries in Petaluma and Novato, as well as in community locations throughout Sonoma and Marin County. 

Performing Arts

Alchemia’s performing arts program lie at the heart of our goal to foster empowerment and enhance the visibility of our members. Through the use of song, dance, theater, puppeteering, film-making, and more, performing artists increase their mastery of creative outlets, enhance their self-esteem, and transform their own personal experiences into original works of art.

The Alchemia Theater for Life Ensemble develops original musical and dramatic productions for audiences with and without disabilities, focusing on issues relevant for our members, their families, and the community. The scripts draw upon true life experiences of our cast. Our actors, musicians, and dancers have toured a variety of schools, theaters, halls, and community centers, sharing their talents and their voices with live audiences across Northern California.

Media Arts

From photography to movie trailers, Alchemia participants have the opportunity to utilize innovative technology to express themselves artistically. Our artists have access to a range of new materials for exploration and experimentation in areas such as animation, video production, web design, podcasting, digital comics, videography, and digital photography. Past activities include film screenings of original movies, live radio broadcasts, short animation festivals, and personal website development.

Community Engagement

Alchemia fosters strong community ties in order to promote a more fully-inclusive environment for members and non-members alike. Participating in community life highlights the significant impact each individual can make in their own backyard. Our participants engage in valuable and meaningful volunteer work, forging relationships that enhance their personal sense of worth and accomplishment.

Past community engagements includes volunteer work for the Bay Model Visitor Center in Marin County, a collaborative art and story project with Alzheimer patients entitled “Let’s Not Forget”, and music performances in local retirement homes and rehab centers in Sonoma County.

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