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Shakespeare in the Cannery
Alchemia Theater for Life will perform "It's Quiet Uptown" from Hamilton  and "Season's of Love" from RENT as a Green Show for Shakespeare in the Cannery's production of "Shakespeare in Love". Directed by David Lear. 
July 12, 13, 20, 27 & Aug 3
at 6:45 pm

Art Show

Opens June 9th

Showing now through July 7th

at the Alchemia Gallery 

111Kentucky Street in Petaluma 

WonderCon Film Festival

Exciting News! Two films from the Alchemia Animation class will be show in the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival in Anaheim as part of WonderCon this year! 


The two films are Bubbles’ Troubles, a story about a bullied chihuahua that learns to defends itself, and the Buck Off, an anti-war parable. They will be screened on March 24th between 12:15pm and 1:15pm 

Congratulations to everyone involved! 

Food & Wine Philanthropy

Alchemia has received a great honor! We are one of four non-profit organizations nominated to participate in this year's 100 Sonoma People Who Care. 

The model is simple. At 100 Sonoma, 100 (or more) community members each donate $100 to spend an evening eating, drinking, meeting one another,
and learning about organizations doing great work. Participating non-profits (Alchemia, Petaluma Bounty, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, and the Sonoma County Bike Coalition) host informational tables. Then each spends four minutes sharing its mission and describing how a donation of $10,000 will benefit its projects. Each attendee gets a vote, and the non-profit with the most votes receives a financial gift of $10,000.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to make a $10,000 gift a reality.
$10,000 will allow us to bring exciting, innovative and BARRIER-BREAKING performances to area schools and our local community.

"The Habitat"
Gallery Art Exhibit

In “Habitat,” the main gallery is transformed into a lush alternative dimension, inhabited by other worldly paper insects and enchanted forest beings. In addition to works for sale, the Gallery store will continue to have original textiles, ceramic sculpture, fine art prints and cards.
Join Alchemia for the opening reception of “Habitat,” Saturday, April 1st from 4-7 pm. On Saturday, April 29th from 7-9 pm, the Jungle will serve as an unforgettable setting for the old country music, song-poem pop stylings of Big Kitty Clark Williams (no cover).

The Alchemia Gallery and Studios are located at 111 Kentucky Street in Petaluma.

Petaluma, CA – The Alchemia Gallery and Studios’ 2017 season continues with “Habitat,” a collaboration between the Alchemia visual arts studio and guest installation artist Emile Rosewater. 

Alchemia Acting Class Presents: 
"Princess Bride"

Performance Dates:
May 9, 11, 16, 18 at 10:00 am

Directed by:
Mary Gannon Graham
Alexis Evon Christenson  

Address: 394 Tesconi Cir,
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Alchemia Dance Class Presents: 
"Miss Independent"
Choreographer's Showcase

Performance Dates:

May 26th & June 2nd at 11:00am​

Directed by:

Carmen Maria Mitchell


Kot Takahashi​


Address: 394 Tesconi Cir,

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Gallery Art Exhibit

Scales, feathers, furs, claws.  In the spirit of love and friendship, our true connections so often roost in the relationships we seek with the animal world.  Alchemia’s latest exhibit, Kindred,  explores the many facets of “pet culture” by illuminating the chosen companions, both real and imagined, of our individual artists.  These portraits touch on the deeper feelings of love, loyalty, and belonging that impact our kinship to the fauna that surround us.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, November 12th, from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Gallery to celebrate these talented individuals; 111 Kentucky Street, downtown Petaluma.

Please contact Mary Lester: 707.775.3794.

Gallery Art Exhibit

The Alchemia Gallery features an exciting new exhibit in July with the opening of Earth, Wind and Fiber, a mixed-media collection featuring works of art from three distinct mediums:  ceramics, glass mosaics, and fiber arts.  Highlighting the work of over fifteen different artists, this powerful selection highlights the delicate power balance between artist and material, the thumbprint of nature and the handiwork of the individual.  This visually stunning combination layers vibrant colors over rich texture.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, July 23rd, from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Gallery to celebrate these talented individuals!

Alchemia Dance Company 

Join us for Alchemia's first Choreographer Showcase. Performing original choreography by Alchemia's very own Dance Company.

For more information, contact Carmen Mitchell at:

Gallery Art Exhibit

The Alchemia Gallery features a new exhibit in May with the opening of Focus on Four, a mixed-media collection that highlights four promising female artists from Alchemia’s art studios.

From over-sized plywood woodcuts depicting mythological creatures, to finely detailed acrylic paintings, to gilt-edged Virgin Mary portraiture, this collection highlights the technical mastery each artist possesses within her own craft.  A stunning display of color, Focus on Four illuminates the personal journey of these women, their role in the outside world, and the inner forces that drive them to create.

There will be an opening reception on May 7th, from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Gallery to celebrate these talented individuals;  111 Kentucky Street, downtown Petaluma.

Please contact Mary Lester:  707.775.3794.

Performing Arts

We’re so proud of the Alchemia Winter Percussion Ensemble! 


They gave a stunning performance at the Northern California Percussion Alliance regional competition, held this year at American Canyon High School.  These trophy winners are an inspired, talented group!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear more about this story.

Vocal Alchemy

Rekindle the jubilation of the holidays by celebrating the power of art, creativity, and community.

Peet’s Coffee is hosting Alchemia! Grab a warm cup to drink, peruse our collection of fine art, and enjoy a live show as our Theatre for Life Performers sing, act, and dance every weekday at 11 am. Live performances by the Alchemia Theater for Life  every weekday at 11 a.m. Gift boutique open 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. every day Pete’s will match all donations up to $1000, so don’t forget your tax-deductibe gift!

Peet’s Coffee and Tea
7764 Old Redwood Highway

Art Gallery Exhibition

Modern Dreamers

With their latest exhibit, Modern Dreamers, artists from the Alchemia program exhibit a powerful sense of color balance, texture, and bold strokes of the imagination. Each painting in this abstract collection encourages the viewer to question the relationships that exist between our internal and external environments, and to imagine an alternate space that exists on the periphery of those connections.

Alchemia invites you to view this extraordinary exhibit, which will be up in the gallery through the month of October.

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